House Relocation

Get comfortable with moving your belongings to a new home and whether you focus on other work or you take care of the family, how your family belongings will be transported and how hassle-free it will be, and how prepared you will get as soon as you contact us. You should choose qualified workers who are professional and experienced and regularly work to provide you with home-shifting services within the time frame. You should consider whether the cost you will incur for home shifting is lower than other companies or if you are being overcharged for the services you are being offered. We are always able to charge limited charges as we will not ask for an extra cost and thereby save your labour. Extra heavy items and very small items require extra care by skilled workers. So consider the pros and cons when you choose a moving company. And among the downsides, a major downside is a cost which will make you overspend, and you will not be able to get rid of it. You need to see if the cost is visible for packing cost, loading cost, transportation cost and manpower etc.

Office Relocation

We provide professional and accurate service without false charges at any distance and when customers call @09599439504. We have been associated with this industry for many years and provide customers with trouble-free packing, disassembly and loading-unloading etc., and we receive the stipulated payment from the customers. Sun Star Packers and Movers is the perfect choice if you don’t want to keep your business moving or don’t want to use any risky method. Packing of office items is not possible by all the workers it becomes very complicated because office items have to be packed very carefully and they contain a lot of important information so if any machine or other equipment gets damaged it will not be possible to reuse them. Again, for many reasons, consumers save by packing and storing items rather than disassembling or assembling them. Your choice of hiring a truck or keeping extra days and transportation time and cost etc., is important for long distances.

Car Transportation

There are some things that should be pre-planned for car transport so that the car transport will be safe and stress-free and hassle-free, a moving company that is skilled and reputed in car transport has a lot of pre-planning as they want to gain trust from more customers and By saving them money and providing smooth service. Do you want to keep in mind some important things related to car transportation? Sun Star Packers and Movers Company will give you reliable ideas and select suitable ones. If you have no experience, it is important to listen to our instructions and let you know your advantages or disadvantages. For example, it is necessary to choose a closed container to transport your car during the rainy season because taking an open container will have an impact on your car in order, not to spend extra money. We have security measures in place to keep small parts safe; we pride ourselves on reducing headaches and providing positive and stress-free service to our customers.

Bike Transportation

When a person is interested in riding a bike and is skilled and finds it difficult to travel without a bike, then plans to move the bike. If a businessman opens a showroom from one place to another if he decides to transport the bike there, then he wants to transport the new bikes in an innovative manner. A progressive moving company should be hired to aim for. Why you hire our company, you want to transport your bike by road by good truck rather than by rail or plane. But travelling on the road has many problems, now the number of vehicles on the road has increased so much that there are various problems and because of the congested conditions it is impossible to reach the right time, so we leave much ahead of time and reach the destination within the time limit with the bikes covered by the consumers. For short distances, we plan carefully and for longer distances, we plan more carefully and try to avoid untoward incidents by using safe methods.

Loading Unloading

The process of loading and unloading is a complex process that has to be done for every move, and there are many procedures to be followed to do it, but how it is exceptional depends entirely on the moving company you have hired, they will help you understand their extra services. How unique and how advanced and secure their methods are. All the workers who load the vehicles and products are very expert in avoiding any troublesome issues and hassles. Our workers are not physically harmed in any way by the methods or techniques they use. Care must be taken to properly pack and load the goods, and if the goods are lifted by means of equipment into the vehicle, secure them. These common mistakes must be avoided as damage caused by loading and unloading processes can result in the breakage or cracking of fragile items due to excessive vehicle movement.

Storage & Warehousing

It would be wise to take warehouse services from a company that has very good technical systems like Sun Star Packers and Movers Company’s warehouse, where you will get the latest facilities as this Company’s warehouse has special systems to store all kinds of goods, the cost is also very low. If there is a fire in the warehouse due to any reason, there is a safe way to protect it immediately, and there is no chance of theft because we can easily know what is being done in the warehouse, and our experts have some special procedures in place. Arrangements will be made for your stored items to be shipped out and delivered to your home/office when the time comes to move. Besides, customers can store essentials, furniture, appliances, cookware and books and will be charged a very minimal amount per day. We have built our warehouse based on our vast experience and to benefit you.

Packing Unpacking

If you need to move your belongings urgently from Bangalore to other required places, you need to call and learn about their experience, which includes packing methods or materials and loading and unloading and transportation and unpacking etc. To know your budget, you need to know the number and quantity of items and location and time and budget etc. It is also important to organize the materials when packing and how the workers will use the materials. We have trained staff who use Perfect Box and provide a variety of multi-layer packaging systems for delicate items; your items will cost as much as you need, and for heavier items, packing materials are purchased with a little selection, and we use quality equipment. Most of the customers worry about how their goods are packed, and whether they will be secured till delivery, we provide guaranteed service.

International Shifting

It’s not important for customers to stress about how cheap and worry-free international moving services can be; it’s important to hire a reputable moving company. Sun Star Packers and Movers Company provides timely, safe and stress-free services and provides accurate moving services through teamwork and integrity. Relocating out of a country or state can be very risky if you don’t have a plan and the Company doesn’t have a plan or timeline. You can trust and take insurance services for safe and security. Avoiding the hassle of packaging, we provide simple packaging, and the transfer of the goods to your place will be done with a full guarantee. If you can use processes like ours, you can easily track what is required due to distance. Twenty-four hours of phone, message or live chat facility will also be provided for moving to any state and a warehousing facility is also provided; we also have many branches.

Transport Service

Goods are moved across states and regions through transport, and loading and unloading procedures are greatly simplified. Customers need to hire trucks when they want to move their home belongings, various office items to work and cars or bikes when they want transportation services by road. We provide safety protection through transport services and compensation in case of damage through insurance coverage. Are you also looking for relocation services to move goods from Bangalore to another place? Please contact us and get reliable and best service. When a trader transfers goods, he is benefiting the place by delivering the goods of his business to another place, the goods are sold by the inhabitants of that place, and the trader makes a profit. You can also move your essentials across the country with our help.
You will get the best solution and unpacking service from damage-free packing. If you know about the company, then you can feel worry-free and comfortable at any moment. If you compare the way you pack your stuff with how you would do it yourself, you’ll understand how personalized or high-quality it is.

Terms & Condition

Before hiring Sun Star Packers and Movers company and submitting your requirements, please read the terms and conditions consciously and importantly, and if you do not agree after reading them, then we will cancel your booking. Our terms and conditions remain applicable until the customer’s goods are delivered to their destination.